Panonija Ruma

Publishing house IP PANONIJA-RUMA was established in November 2008.

Panonija D.O.O contacted me with a request to redesign their website. Their old website was not responsive and design was all in boxes. The website was a box, the primary menu was a box, the secondary menu too. They liked the initial design but wanted something better.


  • - Website redesign

Their website was made in Adobe Muse so It was easier for me to start from scratch. I created a new responsive website using Bootstrap as a framework. I was little carried away and a new website was not similar in design with the old website. The client was not completely satisfied with the new modern design so the new variant was discharged.

So we agreed to only redesign their old site. Because web site was made with Muse the code was bloated and confused and I couldn't work only in code as I used to. So I use Muse for a redesign. For that reason, I was limited and I couldn't make a website responsive. I broke all boxes on the website, fix header and footer, redesign menus and colors, fix hero image and call to action. In the end, the client was very satisfied but I am sure that I could do a better job if I could work in codes and not be limited to software.

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Picture of Panonija website
Picture of Panonija website