JPA Rasadnik

JPA is a producer of high-quality seasonal flowers. They have few greenhouses for manufacturing flowers. Also, they are in landscape architecture and event decorations along with the flower productions.

Requirements from the user were to have an admin panel with WYSIWYG editor so they can upload pictures and add flower descriptions. Also, they wanted to have a unique looking frontend. One of the options was to use WordPress as API, but it is so big for something which doesn't need complex solutions. So we agree to use headless CMS solution.


  • - Branding
  • - Logo design
  • - UI/UX solution
  • - Frontend Development
  • - Backend development
  • - Deploying to Linux Server

First I created logo and brand color for them. Then I created the wireframes and mockups, and when he agreed to it I started coding website. Requirement was a modern looking website, with a animations and interestng vector images.

I used Strapi headless CMS for backend, and React for frontend. GraphQL was used for API. React was written as functions with hooks and redux is replaced with react context. The backend was straight forward except custom mail sending and custom mail templates. That part needed to be done manually.

Mobile view of website
Desktop view of website
Desktop view of website


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