IP Panonija

Book publishing house IP PANONIJA was established in November 2008.

As IP Panonia grows over the years they overgrow their static website and wanted something more, an online platform on which they can update books themselves, create promotions, change prices and sell the books. We started by looking at CMS solutions which can satisfy their need but they had strong requirements so we decide to build everything from scratch.


  • - Art-Direction
  • - UI/UX
  • - Frontend Development
  • - Backend Development
  • - Deploying to Linux Server

NodeJS with ExpressJS is used to build the whole application. For the database I used MongoDB. Templating language is EJS. Application has a part that is seen by every user and has an admin part where the book can be added, the category can be added, the price changed. Also, there is a part where they can create a banner promotions. Every part support all CRUD operations.

There was a few quite challenging part form me as a mainly frontend developer. The backend part was something new on this scale for me, but I am satisfied with how it works in the end. Another pain point was a DevOps part, deploying an app to live server, add security to it, maintain it, prevent data loss and accidental failures.

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