Alexmar Landscape Design

From decorating flower garden, across a small garden, courtyards, parks and other green areas to private consultations for the selection of floral arrangements and various forms of decoration.

Owners of Alexmar Landscape design studio contacted me and asked me to create a website for them. After initial questions, I understood that they first needed branding and then the website. Also, they didn't have any form of social marketing. Their goal was to become the leader in the field. So I also suggested them to add a blog to the website and to regularly create quality content to attract potential customers and to create a name for themselves. We also agreed to create basic social media marketing campaign.


  • - Art-Direction
  • - Logo design
  • - Print media design
  • - UI/UX
  • - Front-End Development
  • - Custom WordPress theme
  • - Social media marketing

First I created logo and brand color palette. Then I created a content strategy and a mockup of the website. When they agreed, I suggested them that we use Wordpress as CMS. Then, I started coding website. I created custom Wordpress theme for them and implemented custom contact form and booking system. After this, we created social media pages and design them in the style of website. Then we started a social media marketing campaign.

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