Adrenalin Race

“Adrenalin race” is an extreme race with 23 obstacles and total length of 4.5km. The obstacles are vary and unpredictable. Participants must complete all obstacles.

Organizers of adrenalin race came up with the idea of creating a website. Exploring the root of the problem, I realized that their marketing is very weak and that, in general, the race is not well known. Their goal was to increase the attendance of the race, and the race to become a regular annual event. Also, they wanted to get media space in the form of advertisements.


  • - Art-Direction
  • - UI/UX
  • - Front-End Development
  • - Print media design
  • - Social media marketing
  • - Video commercial

First I made a video commercial of existing video material. This ad is sent to the media as promotional material. Then I used part of it as a video background of the website. Next, I did the design and development of the website. The idea was to create a simple one-sided presentation of the race. I also made the invitation and poster of the race. In cooperation with the client we created Twitter and Facebook account and I also created the branding for it. And then we started with social network marketing and promoting the event.

As things stand now, attendance of the race increased by over 80% The event got the reputation and media coverage.


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Picture of Panonija website
Picture of Panonija website